Atopic dermatitis is more than skin deep.

As you know, atopic dermatitis (AD) is a chronic, severe form of eczema that is marked by the appearance of dry, red, and itchy skin. Most commonly, AD affects the cheeks, arms, and legs. There are times when AD can flare up and symptoms worsen, which can lead to more-intense itching and more open sores. AD flares are triggered by various skin irritants, stress, temperature changes, sweat, and allergies.

But these painful, irritating symptoms just scratch the surface of what it’s like to live with AD. There’s the embarrassment that comes with exposing the red, patchy skin, or the added irritation that comes from wearing long sleeves to cover it up, but you or your child is not alone. Studies show that more than one-third of people with AD say they “often” or “always” feel angry or embarrassed by their appearance due to the condition.1

It can be frustrating searching for the right treatment option for you or your child – especially if you’ve tried many and none have worked. However, right now, research is underway on an investigational medication for AD, and you or your child may be able to take part.


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